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Jesica Helena Gutierrez Cabezas

My name is Jesica Gutierrez, I have 14 years, I live with my mom and my brother in the Bethany neighborhood

in the municipality of El Espinal, national college study San Isidoro in the same town, I have two dogs are adorable

and very spoiled.

my family my mom make Flor Alba, my father Nicolas, my cat and I, my dad does not live with us but we

feel that we live so well, so do not worry about that.

Bruno is the sister of Mona, are very good friends and the two are best friends of mine,

I love because I always play with them and when someone comes to the house are very sociable,

the two are the same age and that's why I love

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they are my friends, my cat know and love mcho with unforgettable stories ellso have

lived and they know that they will always be in my heart

My favorite pastime is going to sleep in my town with my friends,

concert period is fixed there we go, I really like games, and more when they are next to my friends

when you want to go out to study for the city of Ibague to study environmental engineering,

because I care gsta ecosystems and also is my inspiration have a pollution free environment

I want to study at the Tolima University of Ibague once I finish my degree in the

municipality of El Espinal, a person want to be recognized for doing my job and I feel comfortable with what I do

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